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Aldi is the place to be this summer.
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Have a super summer!

This week, Alistair and Jonny Brownlee have a superfood challenge. See which of their superfood menus will turbo-charge your summer and go super yourself with our easy-but-delicious recipes. Why not step up your family's activity levels, our fitness Specialbuys are here to help.
Superfood salad days

We’ve got superfood salad ideas your whole family will love this summer that are simply perfect for eating outdoors. Go all fruity with tasty chicken and mango, or warm and delicious with sweet potatoes. Can’t wait? View our delicious recipes now.
Supercharge your activities

Get moving to get healthy. Walk the dog. Go swimming. Do 5000 steps a day. Get the idea? Even a 5 minute workout can make a difference. Just watch the Lean Machines video for inspiration. Our fitness Specialbuys are here to help, available now.

Jonny’s Rhubarb vs Alistair’s Blueberries

Jonny and Alistair have their own views on which is the best superfood for turbo-charging your summer. For Jonny, it’s rhubarb and for Alistair, it has to be blueberries. Our video will help you decide and you can get the recipes here and now.

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