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Felt a Woolly Menagerie

Create your own menagerie out of wool with the art of Needle Felting!

Needle felting is the process of joining one piece of wool to another using barbed needles to tangle the fibres together. This craft is so simple to start, yet can be used to create beautiful detailed soft sculptures you and your friends are bound to adore!

Here are some tips to help you get started on your own 3D felt creations.


Create a wire armature out of pipe cleaners to help form the basic shape of your animal.

Wrap wool around your wire armature and jab it a few times with your felting needle to form the shape.

Take care not to hit the wire as
you're felting as this can break the delicate needle.


Use your hands to pinch, sculpt and form the wool to help ease it into shape.

Add extra wool as needed - remember, the more you poke and felt your creation, the smaller and denser it becomes.

Use little beads as eyes for your creations, or bundle together some black wool and felt into place!


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