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Look at all these benefits of new Norateen Protein:

# Increase in Testosterone day and night
# Increase in strength in the gym way over and above normal whey protein
# 40% increase in the amount of protein your body turns to muscles
# 30% increase in size over and above normal whey protein
# Much better recovery post workout
# Healthy digestive system with the addition of Inulin
# 100% whey protein, no cheaper protein sources
# Almost 50g of high grade protein per serving
# 100% natural and free of any GMO ingredients
# Triple filtrated protein so there is no lactose - using Patented CFM process
# No artificial colours, sweeteners, additives or flavours
# High Glutamine for quick recovery and muscle building
# High levels of Branch Chain Amino Acids (BCAA) for amazing muscle building
# Highest Biological Value of 159+, meaning the most amount of protein is deposited into your muscles
# Very high Pharmaceutical Grade Protein (not just low level food grade)
# Ionic Exchanged, meaning only the best protein factions are chosen using this expensive process
# Cold processed protein, so no denaturing of protein occurs. Most other companies use heat on their protein powder!
# Wheat-free, gluten-free, suitable for vegetarians and halal protein
# Virtually no fat in this amazing protein shake
# Very low carbs in Norateen Protein, so it is ideal for those wanting lean muscle mass
# High potassium to sodium ratio, meaning it is a true "lean protein" helping you get a six pack
# Hypo-allergenic protein, therefore suitable for those who are usually allergic to dairy
# Norateen Protein gives no gas, bloating, stomach problems or bad breath

Get Norateen Protein for £45 with your code: "wowprotein" - Hurry ends tonight! Free UK delivery too!

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