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Testosterone boosters are very good for building muscle mass and strength. However, if you don't know what you are doing, you take them for too long or you take too many, then you can have a build-up of Estrogen. This is not good as Estrogen is the female hormone which kills off the effects of Testosterone and rather than building muscles, can make you store fat and look bad!
Many men also have very high levels of Estrogen these days that they don't know about - and this is a major reason why they don't build muscles mass. Many things such as plastic and estrogen in the water are contributing to these high levels of estrogen.

Estro Block is the strongest Estrogen blocker on the market. Not many sports nutrition companies have the high-tech manufacturing capabilities of LA Muscle laboratories. This is why you only get supplements like Estro Block from LA Muscle. Make sure you take this supplement alongside your Testosterone boosters for the very best results. Even if you are not taking Testosterone boosters, you will still benefit from Estro Block especially if you live in the Western World, which is polluted by plastic and estrogen in the water.

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